Why Learning French is the Best Preparation for Your Move Abroad

Why Learning French is the Best Preparation for Your Move Abroad

31 Mar 2022

Jalen & Maria

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.
– Ludwig Wittgenstein

If you’re getting ready to move to France for your studies, your mind is likely racing with questions. Which university will I choose? What should I pack? Where will I live? How will I make friends? While these are all valid concerns, there’s one thing you can do to prepare for life in France that trumps all the rest – learn French! Keep reading to find out why improving your French skills is the best way to gear up for your time abroad.

Study in French

Though some French universities offer degree programs taught completely in English, there are also many programs that require an advanced level of French. Learning French ahead of time gives you the incredible opportunity to study your subject of choice in your second language.

French Administration

If you haven’t already heard, France is known as the land of never-ending administrative procedures. A good grasp on the French language will make completing the necessary processes, including the inevitable paperwork, phone calls, and emails, as painless as possible.

Making Connections

Making friends is an essential part of having a great experience studying in France, but if you don’t speak French, your options will be limited. Learning French before you arrive will help you to make francophone buddies and will open the door to cultural exchange from the get-go.

Day-to-day Outings 

Tasks like getting treats from the boulangerie, having lunch at a café, or shopping at the marché are some of the things that make daily life in France so enjoyable. If you don’t learn French in advance, these pleasant outings can quickly turn into frustrating chores when you struggle to make yourself understood.

Life’s Necessities

Moving to France means that you’ll have to tackle life’s difficulties in your second language. Whether you need to see a doctor, figure out the train schedule, or chat with your university’s staff, you won’t regret brushing up on your French before any hardships arise.When creating your moving-to-France checklist, don’t forget to include the most important element. Learning French isn’t easy, but it is totally worth it.