Why France Is So Much More Than Just Paris

Why France Is So Much More Than Just Paris

19 Juin 2024

Jalen & Maria

When international students consider studying in France, Paris is often the city that immediately comes to mind. It is the cultural and economic capital of France and the world’s top travel destination, after all! However, universities all over the country welcome foreign students every year. As American students at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, we know better than anyone that there’s more to France than just Paris. Keep reading to learn how the rest of France differs from Paris, and why you should consider it for your studies!

Get More For Less

While it’s true that Paris has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors, this reality comes with a hefty price tag! Students often have tight budgets, and contending with the cost of living in Paris can be a struggle. Whether it’s a larger apartment, cheaper public transit, or being able to eat out more often, you’ll get more bang for your buck outside the capital.

Improve Your French

Foreign students in France often aim to improve their French-language skills during their studies. While it’s totally possible to practice your French in Paris, the tourist population and international community mean that English is everywhere! Outside of Paris, you may find it easier to have conversations with native speakers of French.

Avoid Fierce Competition

French degrees often include practical work experience opportunities like internships and work-study placements. In Paris, the competition for these student positions can be stiff, as companies receive hundreds and hundreds of applications from hopeful candidates. While cities outside of Paris may have comparably less opportunities, it’s not such a tight race for any and every position, making landing your dream job a little less stressful.

Cultivate Unique Experiences

Paris is undoubtedly the most popular destination for international students in France, and online testimonies, TV shows, books, and movies attest to how great it can be. Nonetheless, there is a certain excitement that comes with having an out-of-the-ordinary experience. Hanging out at the Eiffel tower is cool, but eating bouillabaisse by the Mediterranean or visiting a marché de Noël in Alsace allows you to enjoy the path less traveled.When deciding where you want to study, don’t forget that France is a beautifully diverse country that shouldn’t be reduced to its capital city.

Would you prefer to have a Parisian study abroad experience, or are you a student who wants to venture elsewhere in France?