TOP 5 Activities in Nancy

TOP 5 Activities in Nancy

03 Mai 2023


Student’s life is very active at ICN Business school. In Nancy campus students can participate in many student associations to the rhythm of events organized by and for them: concerts, art festivals, exhibitions, creative contests, parties. In preference of school activities here are TOP 5 things to do in Nancy.

1.Musée de l’école de Nancy

The museum, opened in 1964, is set in the former house of a patron of the École de Nancy, Eugène Corbin. The architect was Lucien Wiesenberger. It has a garden, an aquarium pavilion, and the main building contains works by all the major Art Nouveau artists of Nancy, which was one of the major centers of the movement in Europe.

2.Parc de la Pépinière

Located in the heart of the historic center, the Parc de la Pépinière (often called La Pep’ by the people of Nancy) offers a veritable haven of greenery with its 21 hectares of wooded areas and its magnificent rose garden. Former royal nursery founded by Stanislas on the site of the former ducal gardens and bastions of the Old Town, it was transformed into a public park in 1835 while retaining its original layout. It is a paradise for walkers, joggers, pushchairs, children, students, a breath of fresh air for city dwellers, an unmissable green break! The park offers many leisure activities: an animal area, mini golf, a playground, a puppet theatre, several catering/confectionery areas as well as numerous sports fields (football, basketball, pétanque, etc.) and a gymnasium.

3.Basilique Saint-Epvre

The basilica, the 3rd church since the foundation of the parish of Saint-Epvre in 1080, is dedicated to Saint-Epvre, bishop of Toul, whose relics are kept in a reliquary in the high altar. It is built in the lancet Gothic style and has honorable proportions: the spire points to 87 meters for a building a hundred meters long. The nave is 84 meters long and has a central vault height of 24 meters. The project also received praise from Viollet-le-Duc.

4.Light show Hôtel de Ville

Every summer, Place Stanislas becomes the setting for a spectacular sound and light show. After nightfall, the lights on the square go out and the show begins! The buildings come alive with projected images and special effects, accompanied by a stunning sound system.

5.Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancy

The Nancy Museum of Fine Arts is housed in one of the pavilions bordering Place Stanislas, in the heart of the 18th century urban complex listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The museum exhibits a large collection of European paintings and is largely open to design, with a gallery dedicated to Jean Prouvé and the Daum factory.

Interesting info: All of the above activities are free of charge, if you will provide your student card. Have a good time in Nancy!