Why I choose to study in Nancy?

Why I choose to study in Nancy?

23 Avr 2023


The riverfront city of Nancy, which is located in the Grand Est area of northeastern France, is well-known for its late baroque and art nouveau structures, some of which date back to the time when it served as the Duchy of Lorraine’s old capital.

Place Stanislas from the 18th century serves as its focal point. The beautiful palaces and churches that make up the city’s medieval old town surround this vast square, which is embellished with rococo fountains and gilded wrought-iron gates.


Did you know that Nancy is France’s second biggest student city? It is home to approximately 50,000 students in higher education, and they make up one fifth of the population. Among them, 6,000 are international students. It’s the city of huge network.  

Also, in Nancy is located well known ICN Business school by its history and triple accreditation. Great opportunity for foreign students that even without knowing french language they can choose programs in English track.  


Nancy is quite an affordable city for international students and is among the top available cities in France compared to other European cities. The average cost of living in Nancy is 800 Euro for an international student, making study abroad in Nancy easy. Housing options and accommodations are quite affordable with plenty of great places to live. Being an international student the possibility to  manage expenses well if you are working at a part-time job. Safety is something that cannot be compromised and it is certainly not compromised in Nancy. 


You can do a lot of sport activities and museums, theatres as well.

Nancy also has a great nightlife and all of the bars, clubs and venues you might expect from a vibrant city.

Another perk of studying in Nancy is the ability to go travel and see new places. For instance, during the weekend, it is actually free to use the trams and buses in the city of Nancy. This is a great way to further explore the city and get better acquainted with Nancy. If you want to explore outside of Nancy, good news! There is the ability to travel to other countries and cities via flix buses or trains! A 1,5h by distance to Luxembourg and 1h to Paris or Alsace region.  


Nancy has more than twenty specific speciality sweets, many covered by designations or trademarks. 

Do you know from where the most famous french desert is coming for? Two Benedictine sisters who became known as the Macaron Sisters invented Nancy Macarons in 1793. Over the years, the top-secret recipe was carefully handed down. Nicolas Genot of Maison des Soeurs Macarons is the current owner. 

Liverdun Madeleines 

The story of the real Liverdun Madeleines begins in the early 20th century. When people from Nancy flocked to enjoy the banks of the Moselle River at Liverdun, local baker Joseph Rouvenacht and his apprentice Marcel Chenel launched this famous cake to sell to them. Their inspiration came from the Madeleines produced in nearby Commercy, themselves immortalized by Marcel Proust. 

My suggestion for food  is to try in Nancy: Nancy Macarons, Bergamots, Stanislas Rum baba.  

In conclusion, as all of that, in my opinion the best city to study in France is NANCY. High quality education, International students are welcomed, high standards of teaching process, interesting place to live, develop excellent language skills, historical city, experience a unique french culture all of the above exist in Nancy. 

Discover more about the city of Nancy through this video. 

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