22 ans, indien

Mon profil

I arrived in France in June 2017. I am 22 years old and I study a Master in General Engineering and Management at Icam, Paris Sénart.
« I want to give other potential students the opportunity of knowing more about studying in France by explaining the various experiences that I live throughout my journey here».

J’étudie à


Mon parcours

I am a Mechanical Engineer having done my engineering in LICET (Loyola – Icam College of Engineering and Technology), Chennai.
There existed two paramount reasons for me to want to pursue this degree, one being the fact that it presented the opportunity to amalgamate my expertise in fields like ‘Design’ and ‘Dynamics’ with management techniques, the experience and fondness for which I have developed from my numerous instances of leading and managing both people and events throughout my student life. The other being my bond with France and French culture. I have travelled to various countries all over the world but I share a special bond with France, having visited the country thrice already, soaking myself in the interesting culture of places like Paris, Toulon, Toulouse, Lourdes and Fouillouse in the French Alps, where everyone who I came into contact with was extremely welcoming and benevolent. I learnt a lot about and thoroughly revelled in French student life as well during my month long project at ICAM Toulouse in 2015 making many lasting friendships. As a result of these experiences, my daily life in itself has a significant amassment of French culture which I furthermore showed interest in by studying French ever since 2006; I now have successfully completed my B2 from l’Alliance Française de Madras and have a DELF B1.
After my studies in France, I would like to work for a few years in project management or research and development for a while (I am not entirely sure about my plans for the immediate future). In about 4 or 5 years I want to start my own company with the ultimate goal of making the lives of a significant number of people better (I have a few ideas having already worked in the development of a couple of start-ups).

Mes centres d’intérêt

I am someone who lives life by the motto “Confidence is everything”! I am an extrovert who loves meeting new people and traveling to new places. At the same time, my family and my closest friends are the most important thing in my life. To explain a little more about my hobbies and who I am, – I am a singer and song-writer, having performed as an independent artist and with my band (Red-i) at over 30 stages and music festivals in India. I have also played a few shows in France since my arrival here. (Instruments – Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass guitar).
– I am passionate about football (Staunch Arsenal supporter). I have played for my college team back in India and I am now playing for the Icam – Paris Senart football team. – I am an orator and a debater. I have won and later judged various literary events in the inter school and inter college level.

Mon rôle d’ E-Ambassadeur

The last 7 to 8 months that I have spent in France have been one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had. Everything from looking at the French culture and the people as a foreigner to slowly developing a better understanding of the same was very exciting. The people I have come into contact, both in the university and otherwise have helped me in every way they could to make my journey here a lot easier. Therefore I want to give other potential students the opportunity of knowing more about studying in France by explaining the various experiences that I live throughout my journey here.

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