Four Interesting Things To Know About French Students’ Habits

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As international students at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, we’ve learned that studying in France is a unique experience. If you’re hoping to attend university in France, you should know that French students definitely have their quirks! We’ve gotten familiar with how French students function over the course of our master’s degrees. Read on to get an up-close-and-personal look at French students’ habits to avoid any unpleasant surprises upon your arrival in France.

1. Lunch at the Resto U’

For just 1 € to 3.30 €, the Resto U’ offers students an appetizer, a hot entrée, and a dessert at lunchtime on campus. French students love to take advantage of these cheap, tasty, and convenient meals on school days.

2. Dress for Success

French students don’t show up to class in sweats and a tee-shirt. Looking presentable at school is a point of pride and respect that the French take seriously, which means they leave their most casual clothes for other occasions.

3. Coffee & Smoke Breaks

Classes in France are notoriously long, and breaks during class time are customary. Grabbing a cup of coffee or heading outside to smoke a cigarette a few times a day is an integral part of university for French students.

4. Handling Criticism

Candid, public remarks about students’ performances are commonplace in French classrooms. Professors in France are known to be harsh critics, meaning that French students are anything but sensitive.

How do French students’ habits compare to your own? Which customs might you want to adopt?

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