Eight Useful Apps All Students in France Need

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As American students in Reims, we know better than anyone that technology can facilitate life in France. During our experience at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, we’ve identified eight apps that no international student should go without!

1. Too Good To Go

France is known for its mouth-watering cuisine, but eating well on a student budget can be a challenge. Too Good To Go is an anti-food waste initiative that lets you save the earth and your wallet at the same time. In seconds, you can reserve delicious food from local bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores for pickup – and it only costs a few euros! There’s no better way to get your hands on great food for cheap.

2. OuiGo

One of the best parts of studying in France is the opportunity to travel around the country. OuiGo is an app that specializes in low-price train travel – perfect for students looking to combine their studies with a bit of tourism. You can use the app to browse trips, book tickets, reserve seats, and more! OuiGo is your one-stop shop for economical train travel.

3. Doctolib

Students in France enjoy access to the high-quality French healthcare system. Though trips to the doctor are never fun, they’re a necessary part of taking care of yourself as an international student. Doctolib is an app that connects patients to doctors, allowing you to browse health professionals and schedule appointments online. Doctolib simplifies the process of accessing the care that you need.

4. WhatsApp

Communication with friends and family back home as well as with new buddies you meet in France is crucial to your success as a foreign student. WhatsApp is an app that allows you to call, video chat, and message people all over the world for free. It’s user-friendly and truly a must for students with an international network of contacts.

5. WordReference

Whether you’re a fluent French speaker or you’re hoping to work on your skills while you study, WordReference is the app for you! It’s an all-in-one dictionary, thesaurus, translation, and word conjugation app that will help you understand everything from sophisticated language, to idiomatic phrases, to popular slang. You’ll never need to rely on a paper dictionary or word-for-word automatic translation services again!

6. Wise

Figuring out how to get your money from your home country to your French bank account can be tricky, but it’s a necessary step for living abroad. Wise is an app that takes care of the whole process for you! With Wise, you don’t have to stress about expensive fees or lengthy wait times. It’s a safe, affordable way to send your money.

7. LinkedIn

Students in France often work alongside their studies or even complete an integrated work experience, like an internship, over the course of their programs. One of the best apps that helps you grow your professional network and find job openings in France is LinkedIn. Make an effort to create a compelling profile and you’ll find interesting people, businesses, and opportunities in no time.

8. BlaBlaCar

Sometimes, as a student, you need to get from point A to point B, but you can’t drive yourself there! That’s where BlaBlaCar comes in. BlaBlaCar is a ride sharing app that connects drivers to passengers. Carpool rides are generally inexpensive, and there are rides available in cities all over France every single day. It’s a great way to get where you need to go in a pinch!

With these eight apps, your time studying in France is sure to be a success.

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