10 Perks Of Studying In France

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Two Junes ago, I arrived in France, specifically in Montpellier which is a beautiful city in the south of France.

I had two months of summer before I started my French language courses at the University of Montpellier and during my two years stay in France I’ve lived many fascinating experiences and met diverse people from various cultures. 

Studying in different cities during these two years was a life-changing experience and is one of the greatest opportunities one could live.

So if taking long walks around the Seine, enjoying the beautiful architecture and visiting the lavender fields of Provence are not good enough reasons to choose France then I’ve compiled a list of ten more advantages that will get you seriously considering one of the world’s most beautiful countries to study abroad.

1. Tuition fees are much cheaper in France than in other countries

Students who come to study in France have to pay higher tuition fees if they are citizens of countries that are not part of the EEA, or Switzerland. Of course, the tuition fee system has changed but they’re still significantly less than other countries, but they are still much cheaper than in other countries. To get a clearer image, these are the new tuition fees for international students, starting from September 2019:

  • 2,770 euros per year for Bachelor’s (Licence) programs
  • 3,770 euros per year for Master’s programs,
  • 380 euros per year for Doctorate (Ph.D.) programs – the same amount as for Europeans.

There are still scholarships for international students from CROUS, Campus France or the universities themselves that you can easily apply to and you can check them by clicking here. ​


2. Universities in France have a high reputation for research and teaching Institutions

Like École Polytechnique or Sciences Po, universities in France have been on the Academic Ranking of World Universities for years and they’re ranked among the 500 best universities in both Europe and the world!


3. French lifestyle

Paris is the #1 student city but if you prefer less crowded cities, there are many beautiful and highly reputable cities to go to like Strasbourg, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, and the list goes on and on…

Nantes and Paris



4. French is the third most common business language in the world

which makes it a very logical reason to learn and to master the French language, plus, it’s always a good idea to add a new language to your CV, right?


5. Accommodation is helped by the French government

Up to 40% of the rental charges! The French government offers this generous benefit that allows International students who have valid resident permits. The amount of the allowance depends on where you live, the price you pay for rent, your income from two years ago (and the year before) and it’s very easy to apply for through the CAF website once you have all your administrative papers ready!

(I linked a useful document of the instructions for applying for housing benefit from the CAF)



6. You get to visit AMAZING places

France is classified as one of the most beautiful countries in the world and even if you stay in a small city, you’ll find beauty in many details like the cathedrals, the food, the beautiful traditions and patisserie (YUM), you can also travel very cheaply by buying tickets beforehand or taking the bus to any nearby city or village. You can check some of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in France by clicking here!

From left to right: Strasbourg, Montpellier, Lyon. From my IG account 

7. French visa benefits

Once the French visa is taken, it does not only entitle you to live and study in France, but you can also work up to 20 hours per week and travel freely in the countries of the Schengen area – which is a great chance to explore Europe!



8. Young talent is valued in France

In both innovation and entrepreneurship sectors which makes it a great place to start a business. Plus, France offers well-paid internships if you plan on graduating or finishing master degree studies in here!



9. Studying in France will help you meet different people from different cultures

My first year in Montpellier was a completely different experience for me as I met people from many different countries, mindsets, and cultures that have completely enlightened me and gave me so much knowledge in different aspects, I learned many things from traditions, mindsets, food to superstitions and why people believe in them (for example, in Chinese, number four is almost always skipped in hospitals, funeral halls, and similar public buildings as it has the same pronunciation as the word “death”) Many of the people that I’ve met there became my closest friends even until now!

Pictures of my classmates and me. IEFE, Montpellier


10. French Food

Because of its finesse and flavor, the French gastronomic meal and its rituals have been inscribed in UNESCO’s cultural heritage since 2010! France is also a multicultural country that is open to the world and has varied mixed cuisine. Most big cities have a large number of Chinese, Indian, Italian, North African, and African restaurants – and more. If you’re feeling homesick, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding specialties from back home.




Moving abroad is a HUGE step, but think of more as a bridge to a new life, new opportunities, new skills, and experiences that France will help you achieve!


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