Odam Anne EBOKPO

25 years old, Nigerian

My profil

I arrived in France in August 2016. I study in English at Institut Francais du Petrole. I am enrolled in a Master degree in Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering.
“Life they say is never lived until it’s told; I must say I have many stories”.

I study in


My background

I studied Petroleum Engineering at the University of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. I first fell in love with the French culture and way of life when I worked on an Engineering project in Benin Republic, West Africa. Being a French speaking country with bilateral ties with France, I would say I had a little introduction to this journey I sojourn today. Despite the fact that France is known for age-long values and traditions, one cannot deny nor argue the solid foundations of her educational systems. The Grande Ecoles and the French Institutions have undoubtedly stood high in International Rankings. In fusing my love all that France stands for; rich history and culture which has been preserved over the years; and my utmost desire to further my education in Engineering, the decision to come to France still remains one of my best.

As a native English Speaker, learning another language which been an amazing journey for me as I see myself getting closer not to an end but a continuous beginning of culture so deep, relationships with people so friendly and learning so practical.

I am very open to opportunities but it would be a great pleasure to continue this new friendship with France and give back to a country that has given me so much in a short while. I look forward to getting back on the labor market and building my professional competency and knowledge.

My hobbies

I love life and I appreciate its beauty. The beauty of its people and the theory of everything. I love writing and I am an amateur photographer. I live each day learning; France I must say has many stories to tell. In my free time, I explore the beautiful city, I embark on photo-walks; telling stories with pictures. I love the museums and I do my best to visit as often as possible. The local markets also share a bit of my time as I practice the art of buying things while perfecting my French. France is known for its exquisite cuisines; I learn new things each time I dine. But when my head gets hazy, I always find my peace in the beautiful parks and gardens.

My role as a E-Ambassador

I am very excited about my role as an e-ambassador. I see it as I avenue to not just do what I love; writing but learn new things and meet people. My first encounter with other e-ambassadors came me an insight of just how exciting this would be. I also see this as an opportunity to break stereotypes and let people know that language is no barrier to studying in France.
I do hope to write about everything I learn; culture, French cuisines. I would tell stories of the beautiful places I have seen but also give insights on the educational system which I must say is sometimes misunderstood. France est très très Magnifique!!!. I look forward to this amazing opportunity. Thank you CampusFrance! Life they say is never lived until it’s told; I must say I have many stories.

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