Autumn in the Tuileries Garden

Javeria Khan
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Automne dans le Jardin de Tuileries

For those looking for a place to relax, have a picnic, pass the time, or even have a jog, all while enjoying nature, the Tuileries Garden, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris is a great choice.

The Tuileries Garden gets its name from the tile factories, or “tuile” in French, that existed before Queen Catherine de Medici built the Palace of Tuileries in their place in 1564. This palace no longer exists, but plans are underway to reconstruct the place from scratch.

The garden houses two beautiful ponds with fountains in the centre. One usually finds people sitting around them, relaxing, or feeding the ducks.

If one is a connoisseur of the arts, one can also be bewildered by the 20 sculptures made by the French sculptor Aristide Maillol (1861-1944). Another sculpture is that by Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) called Le Baiser or “the kiss’.

The Garden of Tuileries separates the Louvre Museum from the Place de la Concorde. The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel stands in between the Louvre Museum and the Garden. This Arc was constructed in around 1806 and is an homage to the success of Napoleon in his military campaigns.

No doubt this garden is extremely beautiful, just like the many other gardens that embellish Paris with their colours and fragrances. I happened to visit the gardens in November, and since autumn is my favourite season, I could not help but be enamoured by the exquisiteness of nature that this garden has to offer during this season.


My visit to the garden inspired me to write a few lines:

A leaf fell from a tree one day
Fell off to the very ground
Perhaps there it was to stay
And was never to be found


It looked above at its prior home
At the tree, it’s twigs, its arms
It saw people pass by, stare and roam
Be awed by nature’s view, it’s beauty, charms


What artistry and hue behold this season!
How could it have missed the colours of autumn
Enchanting, breath-taking, beyond rhyme or reason
Red, orange, yellow, it saw from the very bottom


The wind blows the leaf away
For the first time, it notices where it used to bide
A majestic royal garth, nature’s bouquet
The Tuileries Garden, adorned like an angelic bride


Ponds with fountains and quacking ducks
Cloisters of trees, bushes nicely cut
A queenly locale, designed with true deluxe
The leaf was proud, it swaggered and strut


For so long the leaf had been so stagnant and still
It was born, it stayed, it never left
Lived a life without adventure or thrill
How come, a passion to seek, it had never felt


The leaf gets sucked into a whirlwind up into the sky
It crosses the expanse like an eagle flying across the heavens
It’s placed on the Carrousel so mighty and high
It feels excitement, fear, its life changed within seconds


Another gush makes it tumble to the ground
Fall flat on its face
Be covered in dirt and dust all around
Perhaps nature wanted to omit its trace


It panicked and thought that this was the end
People began stomp on it, they might turn it to bits
Why was this happening to it, it couldn’t apprehend
It thought of its home while taking all those smacks and hits


A whispering breeze calmed it down
Took it, and deposited it on the Louvre’s tip
Panicking with joy, it felt like it was nestled on a crown
It could see the Palace, the Carrousel, the Garden from this very strip


Had it not been separated from the tree
It would have never known
That there’s an entire world out there for thee
Sometimes nettles make you aware of thrones

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